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What is sinus pain?

A sinus headache is a less common type of head pain. It’s caused by inflamed sinuses,
also known as sinusitis.1

Sinus pain causes

Some people get this type of headache when they have a cold, due to a build-up of pressure in the sinuses. It normally eases off after a few days, but sometimes if there’s trapped mucus it can become infected, or the sinuses can be swollen due to allergy. In these cases, the pain can last longer.1

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Sinus pain types

The type of sinus pain may vary, depending on the cause, for example, whether it’s due to a cold or an allergy.1

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Sinus pain symptoms

It’s usually just on one side of the face. The pain can feel like a dull or throbbing sensation around the eye, and may be worst first thing in the morning.1

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Sinus pain relief

Self help for a sinus headache

If the symptoms are mild, you might be able to ease them by:1

• Drinking lots of fluids
• Taking paracetamol or ibuprofen
• Using a decongestant nasal spray
• Placing a warm flannel on the affected area for a few minutes, several times a day
• Using a saline nasal hygiene product to flush out mucus, bacteria and any allergy causing particles

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Make an appointment to talk to your doctor if:
• The headache keeps coming back or lasts more than a week
• Painkillers don’t work
• The pain is increasing or keeps coming back
• The pain feels like it’s throbbing – it could be a migraine or a cluster headache
• You have been sick, feel sick or have become more sensitive to light or noise than usual

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1. NHS 111 Wales. Headache, sinus. Available at:,sinus Accessed July 2021.
2. NHS: Headaches. Available at: Accessed July 2021.

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