Neck Pain

Why do I get neck pain and what are the causes?

If your neck becomes locked in an awkward position while you’re sleeping, or you sit at a desk for too long, you may suffer neck pain. A pinched nerve in your neck or an injury can also be the cause of your discomfort.

Who suffers from neck pain?

Neck pain is very common and can be suffered by anyone.

What are the common symptoms of neck pain?

Sudden pain, stiffness or numbness are common symptoms but if you have pins and needles it could be something more serious.

Should I be concerned about my neck pain?

Usually neck pain only lasts a couple of weeks so isn’t anything to worry about.

What not to do when you have neck pain

Don’t wear a neck collar or keep your neck in the same position for too long. Try to avoid sleeping on your front.

What can I do about neck pain?

Hot and cold packs can help your pain.

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Ask your pharmacist for more advice.


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