Why do I get earache and what are the causes?

Earache can be caused by lots of different issues, but often it’s hard to identify a specific reason.

Who suffers from earache?

Earache is common in young children, but can affect adults too.

What are the common symptoms of earache?

If somebody keeps rubbing or pulling their ear, and they don’t react to noises around them, then they could have earache. Being irritable and a loss of appetite can also be a sign.

Should I be concerned about my earache?

Although earache can be painful, it isn’t usually a sign of anything serious.

What not to do when you have earache

Never put anything like a cotton bud inside the ear canal and try to avoid getting water in your ear.

What can I do about earache?

Try using a warm or cold flannel to relieve ear pain.

Alternatively, for earache pain relief try Solpadeine Plus or Solpadeine Max.

Ask your pharmacist for more advice.


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