Period Pain

Why do I get period pain and what are the causes?

Cramps occur when the muscle wall of the womb contracts and compresses the blood vessels in the womb. This reduces oxygen supply, causing the release of prostaglandins, which trigger your pain.

Who suffers from period pain?

Most women suffer from pain when they get their monthly periods, with ‘about half’ of women workers affected by period pain.1 This can be a regular annoyance, interrupting your daily routine.


What are the common symptoms of period pain?

You’ll feel cramping in your stomach that spreads to your back and thighs, starting around the time your period is due.

Should I be concerned about my period pain?

Period pain is common so there is nothing to worry about. If your pain is frequent you should speak to your pharmacist or GP.

What not to do when you have period pain

Avoid wearing tight fitting clothes that restrict your lower abdominal area.

What can I do about period pain?

Some women find heat from a hot water bottle or a bath can relieve the symptoms. Gentle exercise such as yoga or swimming can also help.

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Ask your pharmacist for more advice.


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